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So I've been planning and working on a few fanfic projects. One of them is in-progress and the first part can be submitted already, and the second is ready for the draft to be made.
The in-progress one is a collection of really derpy and weird chat stories. When Duel Monsters figure out how to use a chatroom, hilarity ensues! Most jokes are bad puns and autocorrect fails. And there's going to be a Halloween Special, I'm not going to give much away on that one, you'll see it as soon as it's there.
The other project is a much bigger one. It's going to be one hell of a crossover! The idea originated from a funny conversation KurosakiYuzu-11 and I had while we were out for dinner on my birthday. We were thinking which characters from different series should really meet (and of course which hilarious situations would ensue), and we occasionally switched to how funny it was that Dartz would have to adapt to a different culture every so often and thought of funny situations, and then we got the idea to let Dartz end up in different fandoms! So we went and got a list of fandoms we really had to have, and I decided to plan most of them in order of submission. Some parts will be written by Yuzu :bulletblue:, others will be written by me :bulletpurple:. Here's the list:
:bulletpurple: 1. Introduction/Computer Games - Just something weird and funny to start this series. I suck at starters, so wish me luck!
:bulletblue: 2. Revenge - This series is (c) velvetkitteh and is related to Minecraft. Don't ask, OK? Yuzu is going to write this one, because I still need to catch up on Revenge, but knowing Yuzu, it's going to be hilarious!
:bulletpurple: 3. xxxHolic/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - So I'm making a crossover with a crossover between two series that cross over with eachother, and one of those two is a crossover? CROSSOVERCEPTION! Also, for the TRC part, I need a CLAMP series the characters will visit. Got any ideas?
:bulletblue: 4. Magi - Ancient Arabia. Because why not. Again, written by Yuzu, as I need to catch up. This could get REALLY funny... Getting used to a different culture DOES take some time, after all. And Arabian culture is not exactly the easiest to get used to...
:bulletpurple: 5. Wolf's Rain/Wolf Children - Wolves. Of course I had to get wolves inwolved. Sorry, that was the worst pun ever. Seriously though, I think this could get pretty interesting. Also, wink to my old cancelled project 'Wolf's Quest'.
:bulletpurple: 6. Slayers - This could get pretty hilarious again. At least there won't be any trouble with the blending in this time...
:bulletpurple: 7. Nightmare Circus - This YuGiOh AU is (c) K-Kit and is pretty weird. I recommend taking a look at K-Kit's gallery, else you probably won't get it. Well, it's not like this one is going to appear any time soon, but still.
:bulletblue: 8. Kingdom Hearts - Hehehe, another crossover with a crossover... I have to admit, I'm pretty much a N00B on this series, so I really have to leave this one to Yuzu. I'm convinced she'll do a great job!
:bulletpurple: 9. Pokémon - I HAD to get my first fandom ever involved. Combining my childhood fandom with my current main fandom... This is going to be fun! Btw, anyone got an idea for Dartz' team? He'll get a canine Pokémon for sure (obvious reference to his pet wolf), but the rest is a mystery... Well, I got enough time to think about it!
:bulletblue: 10. Fairy Tail - Another series I just can't keep up with. Yuzu, I need your help again! Hehehe... This will probably be the most random one in the entire storyline! Also, I just realized Yuzu got the most random ones, while I get all the serious ones... Tee-hee...
:bulletpurple: 11. The World Ends With You - My favourite game EVER, I had to get it involved! This chapter is going to be one hell of a FEELZ train, so be warned! I'm already thinking of the background information I need for this one... Also, Yuzu, I need a little help with the missions!
:bulletblue::bulletpurple: 12. YuGiOh 5Ds - I'm not sure who's going to write this. I might write it if I manage to catch up on 5Ds, if I don't manage it's up to Yuzu. Or it might be the only real collab chapter, like, each of us writes a part and the other adds to that, like a RP. We'll see when I get to it!
:bulletpurple: 13. YuGiOh Duel Monsters - This one is a bit of a weird one, but it's bound to get funny, while it has feelz as well. Perfect combination! Also, in case you think 'why the hell is this a crossover, Duel Monsters is the original series'... I didn't mean the series, I meant the world of the Duel Monsters. This one is going to be a LOT of fun to write, that's for sure! Headcanons, headcanons everywhere... This one needs a lot of background information as well, so I need to work on that.
:bulletpurple: 14. Epilogue - I have to close the series somehow. Endings are not my best point either, but I'll try!
Also, there'll be sidestories!
:bulletpurple: Sidestory 1. Dawn Of The Duel - A little funny 'What If' story, and actually this idea triggered the whole chain of ideas that triggered this project. I think this would be a great addition to the canon...
:bulletpurple: Sidestory 2. YuGiOh R - This one is bound to get funny as well. Evil Gods, Evil Gods everywhere... This will get funny. And freaky. Do NOT. EVER. Put a psycho with three Evil Gods in one room with the guy who can summon Leviathan.

Welp, that's it for the update for now. See y'all later!


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